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Zonamerica is a free trade zone business park founded in 1990 which provides companies with infrastructure services for efficient operation It employs over 8000 people and is host to more than 300 companies which include BDO, BBVA, KPMG, Deloitte, RBC, Merck, Tata & Trafigura amongst others.

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Uruguay is acknowledged as a strategic gateway for international enterprises conducting business in the Latin American region and globally. Uruguay offers stability in economic, political, legal and social issues. It is also the financial centre of the MERCOSUR area, a trading zone which has a market of 273 million people. With a history of strict compliance with international obligations, Uruguay has been positioned as a regional finance center with a long tradition of liberty, security and secrecy. Uruguay has a regime of full liberty for movement of capital and profits, foreign exchange and gold, inbound and outbound from abroad, and an exchange system of free convertibility for the local currency.  Additionally, professional secrecy and bank secrecy are strictly regulated under the Uruguayan legal system providing an appropriate framework for investors and investments.